Weber Grand and Upright Pianos

Why we love to restore Weber pianos

Vintage Weber pianos were built very well and were known for exquisitely carved artcases. Some of the most beautiful pianos we have restored were made by Weber. At the turn of the 20th century, Weber pianos were one of the chief competitors of Steinway. We enjoy bringing back these older Webers to life they are a joy to restore.

History of Weber

The Weber Piano Company was a piano manufacturing company based in New York City and East Rochester, New York from the middle of the 19th century through the beginning of the 20th century. The Weber Piano Company was founded back in 1852 by Albert Weber in New York. Throughout the decades, Weber built high quality square grand pianos and won numerous awards at World’s Fairs. It is believed that the term “baby grand” was coined by Weber. Weber was one of Steinway’s chief competitors and there seemed to have been some feud between the two companies during the late 19th century.

Serial Numbers

1903-54700            1950-94600            1964-98738            1969-100044

1910-64500            1960-96850            1965-99100            1970-100082

1920-76000            1961-97368            1966-99440            1971-100323

1930-81300            1962-97887            1967-99800            1977-100432

1940-90700            1963-98329            1968-10002            1978-100733

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