Knabe Grand and Upright Pianos

Why we love to restore Knabe grand and upright pianos

Vintage Knabe pianos were built and engineered exceptionally well. With nearly 50 years of experience rebuilding pianos, we have found  Knabe pianos to be a joy to work on. They have a very clear treble and a well rounded bass. Replacement parts are readily available.

History of Knabe

Knabe’s history began more than 200 years ago when William Knabe was born in Kreuzburg, Germany in 1803. After immigrating to the United States and settling in Baltimore Maryland, Knabe formed his own business of buying, selling and repairing used pianos from inside his home. Knabe became a part of American history when in 1838, Francis Scott Key, composer of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” commissioned him to custom-build a square grand piano for his home. A Knabe grand piano was played on the official opening of Carnegie Hall in 1891. Then in 1926, Knabe made history once again, as it was chosen to be the official piano of the New York Metropolitan Opera. President Herbert Hoover was the proud owner of a Knabe grand piano.

Serial Numbers

1900-47000        1940-124000      1966-172986      1975-185468

1905-57000        1950-144620      1967-174764      1976-187038

1910-68000        1955-154300      1968-176379      1977-188635

1915-78000        1960-162750      1969-177801      1978-190686

1920-88000        1961-169998      1970-179259      1979-192324

1925-97400        1962-166559      1971-180177      1980-194164

1929-106100      1963-168148      1972-180871      1981-195484

1930-107300      1964-169626      1973-182171      1982-196284

1935-114100      1965-171287      1974-183886      1983-197840

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