Fischer Grand and Upright Pianos

Why we love to restore Fischer pianos

Vintage Fischer pianos were built well and were known for exquisitely carved cases. The craftsmanship of Fischer pianos in our opinion reflects just how special old world cabinetry and piano making once was in America.

History of Fischer

The J & C Fischer Piano Company was named and established after brothers John & Charles Fischer in 1840 in New York City. Fischer was one of the most successful piano companies in the US during the 19th and 20th centuries. Most piano manufactures did not make it out of the Great Depression and we taken over by larger companies. Fischer was purchased by the Aeolian-American Piano Corporation during this time and would later be sold off to other companies throughout the 20th century.

Serial Numbers

1900-115000          1950-187000          1969-214239          1975-219100

1905-126700          1960-198500          1970-215343          1976- N/A

1910-134000          1965-207741          1971-216700          1977- N/A

1920-145000          1966-209319          1972-217100          1978-219200

1930-159000          1967-211237          1973-217500          1981-219300

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