Bush & Gerts Grand and Upright Pianos

Why we love to restore Bush & Gerts pianos

Vintage Bush & Gerts pianos were built well and were known for exquisitely carved cases. Some of the most beautiful pianos we have restored were built by Bush & Gerts. While the company only produced pianos from 1884 to 1942, they built a high-quality instrument.

History of Bush & Gerts

The Bush & Gerts Piano Company built pianos between the 1880’s up to World War II. Established in 1884, Bush & Gerts built excellent pianos in their Rockford and Chicago factories. Bush & Gerts had a reputation of being built very well, and their earlier models had some beautifully carved cases.

Serial Numbers

1900-22000            1920-62000            1931-72200            1939-73600

1905-33000            1925-70000            1933-72500            1941-74100

1915-55000            1930-72000            1936-72900            1942-75000

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